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The conscripts refuse the junta of Papandreou, the IMF and the EU.

The network of Greek conscripts Diktio Spartakos asks conscripts from all armed forces΄ units to support the struggle of the working people in Greece by signing the following statement.
The conscripts refuse the junta of Papandreou, the IMF and the EU.
These days, in Greece, there is an ongoing social war. The world of the rich and the powerful has declared an open war to the rights of the world of the working people. If their plans go through, then our whole life will resemble conscription. We will be asked to be workers without rights that work endlessly to maximize the profits of the capitalists, as during conscription we are asked to obey orders blindly and to learn how to fight for the interests of the capitalists during a war (not clear though against which enemy this war will be, as the Greek army participates in international occupying forces and is present in 15 countries around the globe).
The Greek government, the EU and the IMF are asking from us for more and more sacrifices to cover the budget deficit and the debt. However, their request is not addressed to everybody. The government of PASOK and ND cancelled the fines of large companies, eg. VODAFON (70 million euros) and XRIMATISTIRIAKI (5 million euros). They also keep on refusing that they were bribed by SIEMENS and other companies. In general, they provide ample financial benefits to the capitalists, while they impose huge taxes to the working people.
Our standpoint is clear: "The Deficit and the Debt are not ours. They were produced by the Greek capitalists and they only belong to them"
The debt and the deficit are the result of a number of actions that the governments and the Greek capitalists took. The debt and the deficit are a result of the huge investments in armory (56 billions, in 2000-2015), the huge cost of the maintenance of military forces inside and outside Greece (500 million euros per year) and the bribes to PASOK and NDs΄officials that are related to the armory deals.
The debt and the deficit are a result of the huge tax-free financial state support (28 billion euros) that was provided to the banks. The debt and the deficit were caused by the billions of euros that were spent in useless public works after subsequent re-evaluations by contractors. The debt and the deficit are due to the enormous allowances and tax exemptions to ship-owners and businessmen. The debt and the deficit are also a result of the millions of euros of financial support that was provided by the governments of PASOK and ND in order to guarantee the investments of the Greek capitalists in the other Balkan countries. The debt and the deficit are a result of the scandal of the stock market, of the Vatopedi-monastery scandal and of the C4I cases where millions of euros disappeared from the state΄s budget. The debt and the deficit are a result of the gambling of the money of the public pension funds in the stock market by PASOK and ND as well as by the 'trade unionists' that belong to these parties.
Despite the fact that it is the capitalists and the governments of PASOK and ND that are responsible for the deficit and the debt, they keep on announcing scary scenarios for the Greek economy via the media. They take advantage of the current situation and demand the immediate realization of the strictest austerity measures against us, bringing the working people to a new Middle Age. At the same time, they increase taxes and they reduce of incomes of working people to pay off the already-paid state debts. Greek, French, German and American banks are receiving this money in order to give loans with higher interest rates and this way to enter in a vicious circle.
Those who are daily benefiting from the work of the working people, those who misused the money from the workers' contributions to the pension funds , those who are participating in money laundry of weapon and drug trade are demanding from us to pay once again for their loans and their debts. They are even planning to form a government by parties of bankers and businessmen.
Our standpoint is clear: "We are not going to pay a single euro for their debts and deficits."
For all of us who have paid and keep on paying for their crisis, for all of us who produce the wealth of the society and are sacrificed for the "National" development, the deficits are different. Our deficit is the cutting of our salaries, the abolishment of the end-of-year bonus and the vacation allowance, the tiny pensions we receive (if one survives to get one, and has not died beforehand), the lay-offs, the 25% unemployment rate, the abolishment of collective employment agreements, the tax increases in basic goods. Our deficit includes the privatized and commercialized sectors of education, health and pension. Our deficit includes the abolishment of social rights and the freedoms that have been imposed by the state terrorism of Papandreou and Hrisohoidis (minister of interior). Our deficit includes the riot police that attacks regularly against demonstrators in full cooperation with right-wing groups. Our deficit includes the surveillance cameras that are watching and monitoring every moment of our lives.
We, the young people in uniform, are also victims of this attack. Our social-welfare benefits will be also cut, the long unemployment queues and the employers offering lower and lower wages will be expecting us when we finish our military.
We, the conscripts are not just watching the social war that the government, IMF and EU has declared. We are a part of the majority of the society who suffers from this attack. Our families that have made all this effort in order to raise us and provide us good education, have difficulties in supporting us during our conscription. We do need their financial support, as our monthly salary amounts to the ridiculous 8.5 euro.
At present, we see that officers, non-commissioned officers and professional soldiers realize that they are also vulnerable. They realize that the cutting on functional costs of the army means in practice worse hygiene for everybody, out-of-dated installments, dangerous and badly supported military vehicles as well as salaries that do not allow them to properly support their children. As they are realizing these, they go on white strike, they demonstrate in uniform, and they demand their right to syndicalism.
At the same time, the presence of Greek army in other countries is an unbearable financial burden for Greece. The same holds for the purchasing of new submarines and frigates that of course cost billions of euros. These purchases are of course essentisl for the profit-making of French, German and American military industries, as well as of the profit-making of local private or privatized military industries such as INTRACOM, METKA and the shipyards of Skaramangas and Elefsina.
We, the ones who are signing this statement, are condemning the new austerity measures against the working people that are imposed by the junta of government, the IMF, the EU and the Greek capitalists.
The working people of Greece are used as a 'Guinea pig' for the most hard and anti-social austerity measures. However, it resists. The uprising of December 2008, the current demonstrations have the breeze of a wind of the uprising of the working people that blows across Europe, such as mobilizations in Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, Iceland and Ireland. Working people, pensioners and the youth are angry against capitalism.
In Thailand, the army has been killing demonstrators. In EU, the euro-army and its special forces are ready to mobilize against the demonstrators. The new dogma turns NATO into a global police force and allows the use of army against social movements and uprisings. Here, in Greece, PASOK, ND, LAOS (the ultra nationalist right-wing party) and the media are talking about an urgent, emergent situation, while the minister of National Defence, calls an emergency situation in the army.
Our standpoint is clear: we refuse to use our weapons against the demonstrators with whom we are sharing the shame interests.
We support the movement of the working people and the youth. We are not going to make any sacrifice of our rights and needs for a fake rescue of the nation. We are fully aware that the ones that are getting rescued are the bankers and the ship owners. Their profits keep on growing.
An uprising of the working people against the rising poverty and social slavery is absolutely just and necessary. Give the situation, large changes in the political system are required.
We as conscripts are not going to stand against the demonstrators but next to them. We are going to stand next to them in order to fight with them against the euro, the requirements of the Maastricht treaty and the EU in total. We are going to fight for the dissolution of EU and NATO.
We demand the return of all military forces that are outside the Greek border. We demand the immediate stop of armaments.
No abolition of the rights of the conscripts. Free syndicalism of conscripts.
No new mercenaries in the Armed Forces and in the Security Forces.
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